Geology Field Trip

Smithsonian Natural History Museum Field Trip

Directions to Natural History Museum

You can drive to the Museum taking I-66 to Constitution Avenue (Route 50) and parking on the Mall but finding a parking space is difficult unless you arrive at about 9:45 AM. (Parking is legal after 10:00 AM and is good for 3 hours.) Itís better to go in on the weekend and take Metro. Take I-66 to the Vienna Metro Station, parking on the right side of 66 and taking Metro in to the Smithsonian. When you emerge, the Museum is ahead and to your left. Note the displays on Early Life, Fossil Plants, Fossil Mammals, Ancient Seas, the Dinosaurs the Ice Age and, if you have time, the Rocks and Minerals. The Smithsonian is a national treasure and all the Museums should be visited now that you know the way. So much to see! And itís free, except the food. Estimated time Ė 8 hours.

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